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Marie Cole is a local artist here in Jacksonville, Oregon. Her pieces are meticulous and solidly woven. She takes great pride using the best materials. The baskets are made of pine needles and she has shared how only certain needles will do and how they are not always readily available. She dyes her own raffia and it is woven in tandem with the pine needles. She is able to achieve rich, beautiful color. She is an avid birdwatcher and many of her pieces are fashioned after the birds she watches. Each piece takes a month on average to weave.

Artist and Gardener's Artists


Introducing Sandie Alison, new to Artist and Gardener! Her ceramics are beautiful in their simplicity. Her finishes are delicious with their metallic tones; layers of color that give them depth. The pieces are small to very small. The strikers are sweet. Many are shaped like little pitchers and charming with their heart shaped strikers. She has garlic holders and multi use containers; miniature bowls and trays. The best part is there is nothing over 25.00!

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