Scarves are all and made of silk. I have made the scarves in 3 different silks. Chiffon is the lightest and sheerest. Habotai silk is lightweight but offers a bit more opacity so the patterns are more visible. Charmeuse is a slightly heavier silk. 
Chiffon 14x72:  $85.00

Chiffon 36x36: $95.00
Habotai 36x36:  $100.00
Charmeuse 36x36:  $110.00


A Servant Will Be By
Tropical Punch Scarf
Chinese Plates Scarf
Bouquet To Art Scarf
My Rings Scarf
Kelly's Tole Scarf
Autumn Leaves Scarf
Color Weave Scarf
Antique Dusty Scarf
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